How can I install Easy2Meet on my SharePoint environment

You can easily install Easy2Meet on your SharePoint environment within 30 minutes.

Download Easy2Meet from the Microsoft AppSource

Click below to go to the Microsoft AppSource and select "Get it Now".

Choose the right Office 365 environment
Easy2Meet is installed on your own Office 365 environment, giving you full control over your data.

Start the installation
Easy2Meet is automatically installed on your own Office 365 environment

Start with paperless meetings
Click on "Easy2Meet" in the navigation bar of the site to open the app. TIP: If you are new, you can try out Easy2Meet for free for the first 30 days!
Attention! To be able to install Easy2Meet for the first time, you need to have the right permissions within your Office 365 environment. If you don't have these rights ask your IT department for help.