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Are you looking for a good solution for paperless meetings? Then it's nice to see the possibilities within the various software products clearly side by side. Two options that are often compared are OurMeeting and Easy2Meet. Both apps facilitate paperless meetings perfectly, but they are certainly not identical. On this page we compare the software on the most important points. Based on that comparison you can decide what suits your organisation best: OurMeeting, or Easy2Meet?

The foundation

Of course, there are differences between the apps when it comes to daily use. In order to map these out clearly and to understand which software suits your organisation best, we first need to think about the foundation of the software.

After all, the structure of the software has a considerable impact on many things: how easy is the implementation in your IT environment? How do you arrange security? How much grip do you experience in use and management? How do you regulate data storage? And how compatible is the software with the software you already use? Things you want to think carefully about beforehand.

OurMeeting: separate software

With the software of OurMeeting you get a separate software product. It functions alongside your existing IT environment. OurMeeting does offer integrations with various software products, such as Corsa, Decos and Verseon. In addition, an integration with SharePoint for data storage is possible.

If your organization uses Office 365, you can 'paste' OurMeeting against your existing Microsoft software. With a separate connection for each IT product you use, you link your software to OurMeeting. In this way, everything can still work together, despite the differences in the basics. On the provider's website we did not find a complete list of the software for which integrations are possible.

Easy2Meet: Office 365 & Teams

As an organization, do you already work with Office 365? Then the foundation of Easy2Meet is already included in your software package. All you need then is an add-on. This connects seamlessly to your existing IT environment. The software integrates automatically and 'from the inside', i.e. from Microsoft itself. For the IT professionals among us: Easy2Meet uses the Microsoft App model when developing the software.

You don't have to make separate connections, because Easy2Meet integrates on every level with SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and all other Microsoft applications you use within your organisation. A big advantage for Microsoft users is that you make optimal use of the functionalities of Office 365.

Hosting & Management

OurMeeting: hosting and management

If you choose OurMeeting, you choose separate software, for which you arrange hosting and technical management yourself.

Easy2Meet: no hosting and management

If you choose Easy2Meet, then Microsoft facilitates hosting and management for you by default. The most recent version of Easy2Meet guarantees continuous delivery. So you don't have to do anything about hosting or management yourself.

Customers who chose Easy2Meet

SGP 445x271

Political Party SGP

Saving time and gaining work pleasure through paperless meetings with Easy2Meet

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Elver 445x271

Foundation Elver

Fast, flawless, implementation by Easy2Meet to the client's complete satisfaction

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Housing corporation Woontij

Secure paperless meeting with the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 security

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OurMeeting: Many possibilities, good for the municipal market

The OurMeeting app is a good working app with a lot of possibilities. The app offers options that particularly serve the municipal market extensively. There are noises that some users find the app a bit confusing. But with good training, most users will be able to use the app very well.

Easy2Meet: well-organized, almost no training required

Users find the Easy2Meet app clear and easy to use. The intuitive interface ensures that training is not or hardly necessary. Partly because of the user friendliness, the user adoption is high.

Easy2Meet is known for a clean look, which ensures overview during the meeting. Especially for Office 365 users the buttons are located in logical places, which makes it easy to navigate through the software. It helps that there is no difference in user experience between the Windows, Android or iOS app. Easy2Meet has the same look and feel on all devices.

Sectors and markets

It's nice when software fits the needs and the way of working within your industry. In which industries are OurMeeting and Easy2Meet used?

OurMeeting: particularly well suited to the municipal sector

OurMeeting has clients from different markets. The largest group served by OurMeeting is the municipal sector. This has to do with the way of working within this sector. The OurMeeting software fits in well with this.

Easy2Meet: Housing corporations, Finance, Healthcare, Education and more

Easy2Meet also has customers in many industries. Most users of Easy2Meet come from the sectors Housing corporations, Finance, Care and Education. This is partly due to an increasing demand for Office 365 in these markets. Given the Office 365 basis, one sees Easy2Meet as the most logical choice.

Security, data storage, GDPR

Both software options take security seriously and both are guaranteed from AVG proof meeting software. In practice, the user will notice few technical differences, but there are. 

OurMeeting: secure separate software

OurMeeting delivers secure software that meets the legal requirements when it comes to security. For Office 365 users: integration with SharePoint is possible. After integration, you can store your data on SharePoint via a separate external link. 

Easy2Meet: Microsoft security

The Easy2Meet meeting software is part of Microsoft. Because Easy2Meet is built according to the App Model of Microsoft, you benefit from the strict security principles of Microsoft. This means that the software more than meets all legal requirements. Your documents are standard stored from the inside on SharePoint. There are no external links required.

Customers we also work with: 

“Ever since we started using Easy2Meet, the preparation itself has become a lot more efficient: I deliver the necessary files in the morning and the same morning everyone digitally receives the meeting attachments. Our management assistant does the preparatory work: she shares the meeting attachments and makes appointments in the digital agenda. For her, the turnaround has been greatest.”

Johan van Berkum
Director, SGP

“The pragmatic cooperation with Easy2Meet suits us well. All goals have been achieved: IT has been unburdened and thanks to Easy2Meet, Works Council meetings are running more smoothly and all that printing is now a thing of the past.”

Harry Fukkink
IT Coordinator, Elver

“Easy2Meet is so simple that we used the meeting app even before the training course. And if I encountered a problem, they helped me quickly and efficiently. Working with Easy2Meet is incredibly easy and the service is always perfect."

Etienne van Bennekom
Chair, Woontij Housing Corporation



Before you can get started with the software, implementation is required. There is a difference between OurMeeting and Easy2Meet.

OurMeeting: implementing separate software

If you choose OurMeeting, your IT department will coordinate and arrange the implementation process with the OurMeeting people. In addition to installing the software and making links to your existing software, you have to make choices about hosting and management. You have to do this yourself, as you are dealing with a separate software product.

Easy2Meet: add-on and enable functionalities

Are you already working with Office 365? Then Easy2Meet is ready to use within half an hour. This is because Easy2Meet is part of Microsoft. Nothing needs to be integrated; all connections to your existing Office 365 environment are already there. Think of it as an application of which you turn the functionalities 'on'.

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