iBabs versus Easy2Meet

iBabs versus Easy2Meet

Most people who are looking for the right meeting tool for paperless meetings find that there are two serious options for their situation: iBabs and Easy2Meet. Both do what they promise: the meeting tools facilitate paperless meetings perfectly. But they are certainly not identical, just like no organisation is identical. This page compares the two apps on various criteria to create an idea of the differences. This allows you to make your own choice: will it be iBabs or Easy2Meet?

The foundation

At first glance iBabs and Easy2Meet distinguish themselves mainly on personal preference and taste, but first glances can be deceiving. To learn what the most important differences are between iBabs and Easy2Meet, we have to look at the foundation of the two meeting options. This difference ‘at the back’ has consequences for the implementation, security, data storage methods, compatibility with current software and grip you experience when using and managing the software.

iBabs; meeting software is a separate software product
This separate software functions independently of your current IT environment. 

Easy2Meet is an add-in for Office 365 & Microsoft Teams
Companies that use this platform have basically laid the groundwork already. Easy2Meet seemless works withing Microsoft Teams.


Beide software opties nemen veiligheid serieus, maar de security is zeker niet hetzelfde:

iBabs: externally encrypted database
Because iBabs is a separate software product, this software automatically includes the security services of the producer. They manage your information, encrypted, in their own database. Your information is stored externally in a separate system.

Easy2Meet: In-company Microsoft security
Easy2Meet, on the other hand, is part of Office 365. Companies that have already purchased the security tools of Microsoft will find it easy that Easy2Meet uses the same principles. You store your own data, allowing you to control your own database.

Data storage

The previous section already mentioned the data storage difference:

iBabs: externally
If you go with iBabs, you don’t store your meeting documents in-company. Your data will be stored externally in the system of iBabs. The external storage of data also affects the process if you want to stop using the software. Read more about this at the bottom of this page.
Easy2Meet: in-company
Because Easy2Meet uses SharePoint as part of Office 365, nothing changes with regard to your data storage. You keep your data in-company, within your own system. This is useful if you ever decide to stop using Easy2Meet: you don’t need to request your data, because you never gave it away in the first place.

Customers who chose Easy2Meet


Political Party SGP

Saving time and gaining work pleasure through paperless meetings with Easy2Meet.

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Foundation Elver

Fast, flawless, implementation by Easy2Meet to the client's complete satisfaction. 

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Housing corporation Woontij

Secure paperless meetings with the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 security

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The switch from traditional meetings to paperless meetings is also an important issue. The software needs to be up and running before you can start. The different foundations also lead to differences in this regard:

iBabs: implementation process

If you go with iBabs, the software producer will arrange the implementation together with your IT department. This involves creating a user database where roles and rights are managed. Naturally, this takes time, depending on the size of the project. iBabs makes sure that rights and roles are assigned to all meeting participants and organisers.

Easy2Meet: switching on functionality
If your company already uses Office 365, Easy2Meet can be activated within half an hour as an add-in for the Office 365 environment. The system will be working and ready for use.

User experience

When it comes to user experience, there are also differences between iBabs and Easy2Meet. Essentially, both are good meeting apps that do what they promise (plus a little more). Performance is high-quality for both. Both iBabs and Easy2Meet facilitate meetings on computers, tablets and telephones. Users of iBabs indicate that the iOS feels very pleasant. Easy2Meet does not distinguish between Windows, Android or iOS when it comes to user experience; the tool works smoothly and intuitively on all devices.

iBabs: preferences and device dependence
Both iBabs and Easy2Meet facilitate meetings on computers, tablets and telephones. Users of iBabs indicate that the iOS feels very pleasant.
Easy2Meet: preferences and device dependence
Both iBabs and Easy2Meet facilitate meetings on computers, tablets and telephones. Easy2Meet does not distinguish between Windows, Android or iOS when it comes to user experience; the tool works smoothly and intuitively on all devices.

Use of passwords

Of course, a meeting app should be secured with a password. How does this work in both apps:

iBabs: separate password
Users of iBabs log on with a separate password.

Easy2Meet: Single Sign In 
Users of Easy2Meet log on with their current, personal Office 365 password (Single Sign On). This means that you have one password for all yourOffice 365 applications. This is also the password to which IT management can apply the security policy of the organisation.


Customers we also work with: 

“Ever since we started using Easy2Meet, the preparation itself has become a lot more efficient: I deliver the necessary files in the morning and the same morning everyone digitally receives the meeting attachments. Our management assistant does the preparatory work: she shares the meeting attachments and makes appointments in the digital agenda. For her, the turnaround has been greatest.”

Johan van Berkum
Director, SGP

“The pragmatic cooperation with Easy2Meet suits us well. All goals have been achieved: IT has been unburdened and thanks to Easy2Meet, Works Council meetings are running more smoothly and all that printing is now a thing of the past.”

Harry Fukkink
IT Coordinator, Elver

“Easy2Meet is so simple that we used the meeting app even before the training course. And if I encountered a problem, they helped me quickly and efficiently. Working with Easy2Meet is incredibly easy and the service is always perfect."

Etienne van Bennekom
Chair, Woontij Housing Corporation


Linked to Outlook

It is convenient for paperless meetings if you’re able to immediately plan new meetings and appointments. You can use this feature when the digital diary (usually Outlook) and the meeting app are linked. iBabs and Easy2Meet do things differently:

iBabs: not linked directly
iBabs is niet geïntegreerd in Office 365 en daardoor beperkt gekoppeld aan Microsoft Outlook. Deze systemen werken dus los van elkaar

Easy2Meet: integrated directly
Easy2Meet is a feature of Microsoft Office 365. As a Microsoft user, you benefit from the fact that everything is linked: Easy2Meet gives you direct access to your Outlook Calendar. From the app, you can access your Outlook (Exchange) address book directly. This allows you to conveniently view the availability of your colleagues and add colleagues to your appointments.

From Outlook, you can link a meeting by pressing the green Easy2Meet button. This will open Easy2Meet and copy all meeting data into the app. This will automatically turn your meeting into an Easy2Meet meeting, which includes many advantages. For example, it saves time for secretaries who already use Outlook.


Both iBabs and Easy2Meet are nice meeting tools that save paper, printing costs and time. There are, however, differences in licensing and price:

iBabs: per year, per 10 users
An iBabs licence concerns a contract period of at least a yearand is signed for 10 users.
Easy2Meet: per month, per user

Easy2Meet is more flexible, because the licence is signed per user and you can quit per month. In addition, an Easy2Meet licence is roughly 15-30% cheaper per person than an iBabs licence.

Terminating use

Although users of both meeting apps are generally very satisfied, you never know how things will turn out. You may eventually want to stop using the app. This is what you can expect:

iBabs: detaching
If you use iBabs, your data is stored externally. If you want to stop using the app, you need to request your data from iBabs.
Easy2Meet: switching off

If you want to stop using Easy2Meet, you inform the provider and the service will be cancelled. Because you have all data in-house, You don’t need to do anything else. Your documents will be in the same order in your own SharePoint environment. Easy2Meet works with monthly contracts, so you can stop every month.

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