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Easy2Meet Installation

You can find us in the Microsoft Appsource

3 Easy steps for installation

Easy2Meet is a SharePoint hosted app, provided as a service from the Microsoft Appsource. Please follow the steps as outlined below to get started. Please note that you must have the correct rights to install Easy2Meet on your Office 365 for the first time. Please ask your IT department for assistance.

1. Find Easy2Meet in the Appsource

Follow this link to find Easy2Meet in the Appsource and click on "Get it Now".

2. Select your site

Easy2Meet will be installed onto your preferred SharePoint site. All related meeting documents will be stored on this location accordingly. You keep control of your own data.

3. Start the installation

Easy2Meet will be installed automatically and you are ready to go!
Click on "Easy2Meet" in the sites' navigation bar to open the app.
If you are new, you can try Easy2Meet 30 days for free.

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