Participate in
a Paperless Meeting

With the Easy2Meet® app for Android, iOS or Windows

The Easy2Meet® app

Have you been invited to a paperless meeting? And do you want to see the meeting? Then use our app, which can be downloaded from the various stores. It is not necessarily necessary to use the app from the store, because you can easily access Easy2Meet via your browser.

Once you are logged in, you will have a clear overview of all meetings:

  • Overview of all the meetings.
  • Overview of all the tasks.
  • Overview of all the decisions.
  • Filter the meetings to keep an overview.
  • The meetings are clearly displayed below each other.
  • Meeting information
  • The agenda items

Meeting information and documents

For the person who prepared the meeting carefully compiled and published the agenda and all meeting information and documents for all participants in the meeting. Would you like to make comments or annotations in preparation for the meeting on the item you have questions about? Or would you like to know what was said about a particular subject in a previous meeting? No problem! Within the app, all meetings, with accompanying meeting information and documents, remain transparent. Did you have any doubts before about which version of the document was the most recent? This is a thing of the past, because the latest version is always available within Easy2Meet®!

Sharing annotations with everybody or specific people

Annotating within a document is easy and you can share your annotations with all or specific participants of the meeting. This means that you are always fully 'in control' of your notes.