Organizing a meeting with Easy2Meet®

Simple to do in three steps

Step 1 - Plan a meeting

With Easy2Meet® you can easily plan a paperless meeting. You choose the meeting type for the meeting, create a meeting, add the meeting participants, choose a suitable location and of course you choose a suitable date and time. Do you want to publish the meeting in all the agendas of all participants? That's possible! With the push of a button, all meeting participants are informed by email. All meetings are neatly arranged and you can apply filters to create more overview. By the way, have you overlooked something, or do you want to adjust the meeting information? Then open the meeting page and make your change easily.

Step 2 - Creating and managing a calendar

Next, you will set to work on drawing up and filling the agenda. You can create agenda items and customize them to your needs. In addition to creating and managing the agenda items, you can also perform various actions, such as adding meeting documents and commenting on each agenda item for information purposes. Do you find out that additional participants need to be invited? No problem! Within the meeting page of s you can easily manage all meeting participants. Whether they are internal or external participants.

Step 3 - Publishing a meeting

When the agenda is ready you can publish the meeting. This means that all meeting participants will have access to the agenda you created with all the information that was added during their preparation. By the way, it is still possible to make changes in the meeting. Just like in step 1 and step 2 you can change the meeting information, create/edit agenda items or add participants. It's all possible! In fact, you can even choose to send a notification from the app to all meeting participants to inform them about the changes made. In short, you remain in full control of the meeting.