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Nobody wants to waste their time on ineffective board meetings with poor planning and leadership. Ineffective board meetings often lead to annoyance among meeting participants, seldom achieve the desired result and are to the disadvantage of mutual cooperation and voting. When you choose for effective board meetings, these meetings take less time and the participants are more positive about the time spent. In other words: get the same or more out of your meeting with less time and effort!

How do you start effective board meetings? 

In an effective board meeting, good preparation is most important! When preparing for a board meeting there are a number of things you can take into account. For example, by testing the equipment in advance, you can prevent your board meeting from starting too late, because one of the participants still has to try out how everything works.
In addition, a clear agenda ensures that all participants can prepare themselves well. Good preparation contributes to the effectiveness of your meeting. By using a meeting tool such as Easy2Meet you can add changes or documents at a later time. This ensures that all participants has access to the most recent documents. 

How do you set up an agenda for effective board meetings?

A good agenda contributes to an effective board meeting. A good agenda allows meeting participants to prepare themselves, increases motivation among meeting participants and gives you more grip and overview during the board meeting.
A good agenda always contains the logistic information, such as date, time, location, meeting link and attendees. But in addition to this logistic information, it helps to name the purpose of the meeting. What do you want to achieve with the meeting? It provides clarity and direction if you share the purpose of the meeting with the meeting participants beforehand.
It is important that the content of the agenda is in line with the stated goal. If this is not the case, you must either adjust the goal, or the agenda items of the meeting.

How to take minutes at an effective board meeting? 

Good preparation is also half the battle for effective note-taking. If it concerns a recurring meeting, then you have probably attended the previous meetings and are aware of what is going on. At a new meeting it is often nice to read in beforehand. It helps if you know who the attendees are and what the most important topics are.
By having a clear goal in advance, you take this into account when working out the minutes. In this way you keep your focus and only write down the important issues.
Make use of the functionalities of your meeting software when taking minutes. If you use Easy2Meet, you can easily turn an existing agenda into a special document for taking minutes. All information and all attachments are automatically included. In addition, Easy2Meet helps you to mark tasks and decisions. The software automatically numbers the Task or the Decision.
And, does the supervisor or a participant have a great input? Then ask if his or her attachments can be made public through Easy2Meet, so everyone can read it.

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Which meeting apps help with effective board meeting?

When you are looking for the right meeting tool for effective, board meetings, you often come to the conclusion that there are two serious options: iBabs and Easy2Meet. Both meeting tools facilitate paperless meetings. Yet these meeting tools are not the same.

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