Combine Easy2Meet® with Microsoft Teams

Structure and control of your meetings

Microsoft Teams is an online workspace in Office 365 and is available for business Office 365 users. With Microsoft Teams, you collaborate online by sharing, viewing, and editing files in real time. In addition, Microsoft Teams allows you to call, chat, and meet online from anywhere. 

Imagine how convenient it is to combine the above features with a paperless meeting app such as Easy2Meet®. This link gives you access to all meeting information without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Easy2Meet® and Teams

Why choose the combination of Microsoft Teams and Easy2Meet®?

Microsoft teams is an accessible and dynamic meeting environment. But are you looking for meeting software for more structure and productivity for your board meeting? Then Easy2Meet® is a very logical addition.

  1. You get more structure in your digital meeting through a shared online agenda.
  2. You have access to all meeting information without having to leave Microsoft Teams and you are always assured that you have the latest version at your disposal. 
  3. All meeting documents are distributed quickly and securely, are accessible to all participants and are stored securely within your own Office 365 environment.
  4. You get a better grip on tasks and decisions.
  5. Each participant can annotate digitally quickly and easily, without anyone else being able to see it.
  6. You make digital signing possible for reporting and compliancy. 

The Teams-based Easy2Meet® app gives you extra options for structuring your calendar and gives you more control over tasks and decisions. 

huibert (vierkant)

Huibert-Jan de Hek (CTO Easy2Meet)

Why you should choose Easy2Meet® for your board meetings

Digital signature

With Easy2Meet meeting documents can be digitally signed directly. Something that is indispensable for reporting and compliancy. 

Own annotations

Each participant can make their own annotations on meeting documents in Easy2Meet. Without anyone else being able to see it. 

Browse and annotate

With Easy2Meet directors can easily and quickly browse through large amounts of documents and make annotations. 

Apply your own branding

With Easy2Meet, meeting documents are automatically created in your own branding. 

Automatic PDF's

Versions of meeting documents are automatically converted to PDF with Easy2Meet. 

Why Easy2Meet®?

Meetings within Teams does not offer these functionalities. Easy2Meet offers added value specifically for Office 365 and Teams to enable paperless meetings at board level; we understand what is needed to make your meetings run smoothly.

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