Board meetings with Easy2Meet®

Simple, efficient and based on Microsoft 365

We understand that change is difficult, including switching to paperless meetings. To help you as a director, we have listed all the advantages of paperless meetings with Easy2Meet®.


More efficient meetings

Calendars, minutes and documents at your fingertips

The Easy2Meet® app gives you an easy overview of all your meetings. The meetings are clearly displayed underneath each other. For each meeting, you have access to the corresponding agenda, notes and meeting documents. Decisions and tasks that are assigned to you, can easily be viewed in Decision or Task list.


From anywhere on any device

With the Easy2Meet® app for Windows, iOS or Android

The Easy2Meet® app required to participate in paperless meetings, is available for Windows, iOS and Android. In case there is no app for your device, you can easily use Easy2Meet® from your browser. Meeting documents are stored encrypted on your device for 30 days. So you can read these documents even if you don't have internet access.


Better decision making

With personal tasks and an overview of decisions

During the meeting, tasks and decisions can be created for each agenda item. Tasks can be assigned directly to the right person and the decision date is set for decisions. Personal tasks and decisions can easily be viewed after the meeting in the Task or Decision list in the Easy2Meet® app. This way, action can be taken immediately after a meeting.


Easy to look back

View decisions and notes from previous meetings

Would you like to know what is said about a particular subject? No problem! Within the Easy2Meet® app, all meetings, with accompanying meeting information and documents, remain transparent. This way you can easily find back previous decisions or meeting documents and read them again.

More ways Easy2Meet® helps your organization

Documents on your own SharePoint environment

Prevent sensitive business information from being left on the street or stored by external parties.

No new account, no new password

Easy2Meet® is installed on the Microsoft 365 environment of your organization. You can log in with your current Microsoft 365 account.

Work more sustainably as an organization

By switching to paperless meetings with Easy2Meet®, you save a large stack of paper for every meeting.

Microsoft Roadmap

Easy2Meet® is developed according to the Microsoft Roadmap and is therefore always up-to-date, future-proof and secure.

Work more efficiently

When using Easy2Meet® different time-consuming processes are replaced by one simple operation.


Integration with Microsoft 365

Easy2Meet® integrates with Microsoft 365, and is very easy to use. As a result, no installation paths or training courses are required.


Download the Easy2Meet® app for your device

The app is available for iOS, Windows and Android