Easy2Meet Board Management Software

Easy2Meet Board Management Software

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Easy2Meet is designed for Microsoft 365 and uses the existing Microsoft features and Security standards. This combined with the features of Easy2Meet makes it the solution for efficient, safe and easy Board Meetings for everyone. 

Features of Easy2Meet

Designed to make meetings more efficient


Create meetings quickly and consistently

When creating a board meeting you don't have to start from scratch. Use templates and your preset agenda items, participants, location and organizer(s) will be added in one click. Do you have many recurring board meetings? Save this meeting as a template. 

  • Create a meeting quick and easy using Templates
  • Save your recurring board meetings as a Template
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Agenda management

Organize your meeting

With the Organizer you set your agenda in advance. Drag and drop the agenda items in the right order, make use of sub-levels and share this agenda easily with the participants.

  • Drag & drop agenda planner
  • Automatic numbering and sub-levels
  • Share company branded agenda's
  • Sort and link meeting documents to related agenda items
  • The agenda items will automatically be included in your minutes
Easy2Meet Agenda

Meeting documents in PDF

Safe and secure within Office 365

Meeting documents are automatically converted to PDF and saved in your organization's SharePoint environment.

  • Add meeting documents from any SharePoint site
  • Automatic PDF/A conversion
  • Version control
  • Manage document permissions
  • Search within documents
  • All documents are stored only on your own Microsoft Office 365 environment



Tasks & Decisions

Control decision-making and follow-ups

Add tasks and decisions per agenda item and take care of the assignment to specific participants. Provide your decisions with a decision date and keep a control on the follow-up of your tasks by checking the status display.

  • Link tasks and decisions to related agenda items
  • Filter and gain total status overview of all tasks and decisions
  • Tasks and decisions are automatically sorted in meeting minutes
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Create minutes easily

Automatic and integrated with Word

Easy2Meet provides direct access to Word templates for taking minutes. The agenda items and the tasks and decisions are automatically loaded and arranged. You update the minutes from Word and they are automatically synchronized with Easy2Meet.

  • Meeting templates are automatically loaded and based on all meeting details (attendees, date, location, agenda, tasks and decicions)
  • Easy minutes from Microsoft Word
  • Apply company branding to minute- and agenda templates
Easy2Meet Minutes

Annotate from your device

Make and share your notes

Take notes on meeting documents, read them back easily and share them with other participants as needed.

  • Join your meetings with the iOS, Android or Windows 10 app
  • Access all meeting documents ordened by meeting agenda's
  • Annotate from your tablet or smartphone and share comments with other participants
  • Easily navigate through all saved annotations
  • Export or print meeting documents including comments directly from Easy2Meet
Easy2Meet Annotations

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