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Lean, Green & Easy

Easy2Meet® was designed by the enthusiastic development team of I4-YOU Business Solutions in the Netherlands.
"Born from the need for an intuitive user interface".

Mission & Vision

Today, we are wasting thousands of trees to facilitate lengthy and complex meetings. That's why it's our mission to create a better way of meeting.

We are committed to working with Microsoft to make every meeting Lean, Green & Easy.

Based on this ambition, we have developed Easy2Meet® for paperless meetings on Office 365.


Efficient board meetings.


Sustainable solutions.


Straightforward to use


Easy2Meet helps you to prepare meetings, to share the accompanying documents and to record the decisions taken afterwards. All this digitally and completely paperless!

By using available Microsoft Technology such as Office, Outlook, Teams and SharePoint, with Easy2Meet we add extra functionalities so that you get the most out of your Office 365 environment.

Easy2Meet makes full use of the Microsoft Security features and is therefore securely accessible with the Office account that you already use for other Microsoft services. 


With Easy2Meet you can save on paper. Documents are no longer printed but are safely distributed digitally. Documents are always up to date and participants have the most recent version.

We use your available Microsoft Technology to prevent data from being duplicated, no new servers are needed and no extra applications need to be maintained.

Easy2Meet works together with Microsoft Teams and therefore has access to video. Participants need to travel less and can participate digitally in a meeting from a distance.


Easy2Meet is an intuitive app that helps you organize and participate in a meeting. With Easy2Meet you immediately have the right information to be able to make the right decisions faster.

Because Easy2Meet has been developed as a scalable add-on for your Office 365 environment, you will spend less time on management. You have full control over the storage of documents, allowed devices and the rights of users.

Easy2Meet works on any device and is always available. Both online and offline. The convenience of a single account: you can easily log in with your existing Office account.

The result: a world in which every meeting is
Lean, Green & Easy. 

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