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Efficient Paperless Board Meetings on Microsoft Office 365

How-to: Effective remote board meetings

Paperless Board Meetings 
Designed for Office 365

Paperless Meeting software in the Cloud

Cloud Based

Access your meeting documents from anyplace.

Use any tablet to meet paperless

User Friendly

Intuitive menu to organise and joining a meeting.

Easy2Meet runs on SharePoint Online

SharePoint Based

Documents are safely stored onto your own Office 365 environment.

Add external partipants to your meeting. Share your meetings docs.


Invite and work together with collegues and external participants.

Easy2Meet has a scalable interface

Scalable Interface

Use your tablet instead of paper handouts, available on
iOS, Android and Windows.

Easy2Meet can be downloaded from the Office Store

Always up to date

Your board meeting software as a service. Centrally deployed from the Microsoft Store.

Customer Cases


Political Party SGP

Saving time and gaining work pleasure through paperless meetings with Easy2Meet.

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Foundation Elver

Fast, flawless, implementation by Easy2Meet to the client's complete satisfaction. 

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Housing corporation Woontij

Secure paperless meetings with the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 security

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Customers we also work with: 

Nederlandse ggz
“Ever since we started using Easy2Meet, the preparation itself has become a lot more efficient: I deliver the necessary files in the morning and the same morning everyone digitally receives the meeting attachments. Our management assistant does the preparatory work: she shares the meeting attachments and makes appointments in the digital agenda. For her, the turnaround has been greatest.”

Johan van Berkum
Director, SGP

“The pragmatic cooperation with Easy2Meet suits us well. All goals have been achieved: IT has been unburdened and thanks to Easy2Meet, Works Council meetings are running more smoothly and all that printing is now a thing of the past.”

Harry Fukkink
IT Coordinator, Elver

“Easy2Meet is so simple that we used the meeting app even before the training course. And if I encountered a problem, they helped me quickly and efficiently. Working with Easy2Meet is incredibly easy and the service is always perfect."

Etienne van Bennekom
Chair, Woontij Housing Corporation


Creating Meetings Easily

1. Create a Meeting

Choose your meeting template, invite participants, check availability and plan your meeting.

Organize your meeting with Easy2Meet

2. Set Agenda and upload documents

Structure your meeting by topics and easily add documents from your SharePoint or local stations. 

Screenshot organiser_en_2

3. Publish the Meeting

Inform your participants by email about updated documents and calendars


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