Sustainable and efficient meetings for housing associations

Silvan van Hierden
Wednesday 8 July 2020

Sustainability is a high priority at many housing associations. our relations from the housing corporation tell us it is important to use resources efficiently and consciously. This is something we see when we look at the questions we receive about paperless meetings. There is often room for improvement in that regard. We will explain what these improvements are in this blog.

Wasting paper and time with traditional meetings

When it comes to sustainability and efficiency, most profit can be made by housing corporations that still (partly) traditionally meet with paper. Planning a ' paper' meeting is often time consuming: printing, copying and distributing meeting documents before a meeting is a time-consuming process.

Something can easily go wrong during this process. For example, documents that needed an update before they were printed. Or errors during printing, causing the meeting participants miss documents during the meeting. Throughout the entire meeting process, a lot of paper is thrown away in traditional meetings, or it disappears into a filing cabinet. That's a shame, because this can be done more sustainable and with less effort.

Paperless meetings with the right software

If you choose for paperless meetings, you are faced with the choice of which software to use. There are several providers in the market. What suits your organisation depends on various factors: what needs are in the organisation and the users? How important is security? How is your IT environment set up?

Easy2Meet and Microsoft 365

We see a trend within housing corporations towards working in the cloud with Microsoft 365. If this is the case within your organization, Easy2Meet is the most logical meeting solution. The software uses the applications of Microsoft 365, such as Teams and SharePoint. As a Microsoft 365 add-on, Easy2Meet is quickly installed in your existing IT environment and you are up & running within half a day. There is always an app available for your device: iOS, windows, android and web-based. This also ensures a thorough security. In this blog you can read more about this. 

Save more time by working with Easy2Meet 

With Easy2Meet you not only save time during the preparation, you also save time during the whole meeting process. For example, you can easily convert the meeting agenda into a minutes template at the start of the meeting. This works faster than creating a document manually. Besides that, you can be sure that it is error free. For recurring meetings, participants are automatically filled in and attendance can easily be adjusted with a single push of a button. This kind of handy functionality allows you to work quickly and efficiently.

If necessary, you can easily edit and add documents during the meeting. If you choose to work out minutes during the meeting, you can publish them at the end of the meeting. This way, meeting participants can view the minutes on the spot and react immediately. This saves time afterwards as well. Because of all these things together, the secretariat works a lot more efficiently.

Working efficiently through structure and convenience

Ease of use and a good, clear structure also save time. After all, when you can easily find your way within the software, you work more pleasant and faster. Easy2Meet is fully committed to this ease of use.

For example, all meeting documents are bundled for each meeting. As a result, everyone can easily find everything in one central place in the cloud. In addition, all documents are continuously updated, so everyone has the most recent version. Data is not stored twice, so everything remains clear. The data and meeting documents are only stored on your own Microsoft 365 environment.

Flexible collaboration in the cloud saves time and money

By working together in the cloud, you can work at any time, on any device, in any location, as long as there is an internet connection. When you can also offer a high quality meeting online, the need for physical presence is often eliminated. The (travel) time you save can be considerable. This flexibility is exactly the reason why many housing associations switch to working in the cloud and meeting remotely.

Lean, green & Easy collaboration with Easy2Meet

By paperless meetings with Easy2Meet you choose a solution within your own Microsoft 365 environment. Because of the user-friendly interface and handy functionalities you work lean, green & easy. This saves you paper, time and money. 
Do you want to know how you integrate Easy2Meet in your housing corporation? Request a free demo, or schedule a 15 minute talk with our product expert Silvan. 

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