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Henry van Olst
Dec 6, 2019 9:40:42 AM

Teams has the future

Since the introduction of Microsoft Teams, Easy2Meet has been a fan of this collaborative platform. Each time Teams get new features, this is an additional confirmation of our decision to base Easy2Meet on the Microsoft Office 365 landscape.

New functionalities "Teams Meetings"

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in this pleasant piece of software. This is evident from the announcement that Microsoft will continue to expand the Teams functionalities: at the European SharePoint Conference (ESPC19). During Vesa Juvonen's keynote a prototype of Meeting Capture was presented. This supports team meetings with some handy features.

Later on in this blog you will read when you can get on with the standard Teams functionality and in which situations you additionally choose for the extra possibilities that meetings with Easy2Meet offer.

From the start, we've designed Easy2Meet completely for Microsoft. Huibert-Jan de Hek (CTO Easy2Meet).

Teams. What is it and what is my advantage as an Easy2Meet user?

Microsoft Teams is an online workspace including chat feature in Office 365 and is available to corporate Office 365 users. With a dedicated team, you can collaborate from any device in a separate online workspace in different applications such as PowerPoint and Word. You can also communicate with each other in a central location via video.

You can imagine how useful it is when you link the above functionalities to a paperless meeting app like Easy2Meet. The main advantage is that you can access all meeting information without having to leave Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Meetings Overview Easy2Meet

Easy2Meet versus the meeting functionality in Teams

Recently, Teams has started to offer a standard meeting functionality as well.

The Teams-based Easy2Meet app gives you additional options for structuring your calendar and gives you more control over tasks and decisions.. Huibert-Jan de Hek (CTO Easy2Meet).

So why would you choose Easy2Meet? Good question. The answer lies entirely in the needs of your organisation. Teams will be ideal for accessible and dynamic meeting environments. 

But if you are looking for meeting software for your board meeting and associated requirements, Easy2Meet is a logical addition.

When to choose Easy2Meet 

For board meetings:

  • of which the assets must be made up in their own style.
  • where each participant can annotate themselves on the meeting documents, without anyone else being able to see this.
  • in which digital signing is desired.
  • where you want to be able to invite people from outside your organisation.
  • where you regularly work with heavy pdf documents for your management reporting.

The Standard Teams Meeting option does not offer the above features. Easy2Meet offers added value specifically for Office 365 and Teams to enable paperless meetings at board level; we understand what is needed to make your meetings run smoothly.

Microsoft Teams Easy2Meet Agenda 

Teams based board meetings

Do you also want to organize board meetings based on Teams and do you need the above mentioned functionalities, feel free to request a demo for Easy2Meet. We are happy to show you our added value! 

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